Hi! I'm Michael. I explore data. Here you will find a collection of my public work.

Lockdown Severity Index

From raw data to a statistical product, I compute the severity of U.S. lockdowns for each state.

Statistics Education

With 4 years, 150,000 views, and a 98% like-to-dislike ratio, my YouTube channel is all about intuitive explanations of complex statistics.

The Economist (in training)

My letter regarding macroeconometric nowcasting was published in The Economist.

Covid Correlations

A look at how population density actually affects the spread of COVID.

I made this R Shiny application with less than 150 lines of code in less than 1 day:

Exploring data by showing how exploration can be infinitely deep.
An article translating my division's work at the Federal Reserve.
An article discussing the philosophical and econometric definitions of causality.
My senior thesis delved into decision making tools for NASA.